Setting Event Goals for the New Year

by admin on January 12, 2014

Events can be a great way to engage your supporters, raise a ton of money, and have loads of fun at the same time. They can also be a lot of work. You need to get the right venue, good food, music, your donors … and you have to make it stand out from the rest. But if you put in the work, you can get great returns for your organisation.

Choose the Events That Will Draw a Crowd

Often an organisation will have a big fundraising event each year, with a few smaller events throughout the year. Will your donors attend a black tie affair? Or are they into something more casual, like an afternoon garden party? Do you have a younger set of donors who might like an evening with some local bands?

Get out your calendar for the year and start picking dates. If other organisations around town have annual fundraisers, pencil those into the calendar. Also think about big sporting events and holidays. You won’t be able to get everyone at your event, but if you avoid peak times, you may find yourself with a bigger crowd.

Set Your Financial Goals

Considering the time and effort put into planning events, you certainly want them to raise loads of money for your group. Here are a few considerations when thinking about budget.

  • What is your organisation’s overall fundraising goal? How much of that will be raised by events? The largest event should bring in the most money and your donors know that.

  • How much will your donors pay for a ticket? How much of their ticket purchase go towards the charity?

  • Will you have a big pitch for more donations at the event? Or will your donors want a raffle and the chance to win?

  • Will all of your events have the goal of fundraising? Sometimes, it’s nice to be invited to an event and not be asked for money. Try to have at least one friendraising event per year…to show your appreciation and relax with your supporters.

Pick A Theme

Now that you know how many events you want, when they will be, and their goals, it’s time to get creative! You could have separate, distinct themes for each of your events, or commit to one fun theme to run the entire year. We can help you design the right tickets, posters, and flyers that will draw attention. Have fun and bring in those donations!

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