Plan Your Event with Social Media

by admin on April 15, 2014

Social Media is great for looking at cat pictures, taking quizzes to find out what character you are, or getting into arguments with strangers. But it can also be incredibly useful if you’re planning a big event. Let’s take a look at how.

Facebook: More and more, Facebook is becoming a place to share links and get information on businesses and organisations. So this is a great place to look at pictures from events thrown by other local organisations. Not only should you like or follow other organisations to build community, but you should be aware of their event pages, too. This way you can get more information on upcoming events and take a look at pictures when they’re posted. Make sure to like their links and updates so you can see their information as it comes up.

Twitter and Instagram:  While these two sites are very different in terms of posting — Twitter relies on 140 characters typed while Instagram posts pictures — they both rely on something we’ve all seen: #hashtags. While hashtags may seem annoying to those who don’t use them, they’re incredibly useful in searching for information. Hashtags are a way to link similar terms together. Say it’s October and you’re throwing a Breast Cancer research fundraiser. Searching for #breastcancer or #breastcancerawareness can lead you to other users with similar goals. A Twitter search may lead you to more links and/or small pieces of information, while Instagram will show you pictures users have linked to that topic.

Pinterest: Pinterest has become a valuable resource for anyone planning a wedding, so it makes sense that it can help you plan your fundraiser. Users can create boards for certain topics, say Floral Inspirations or Amazing Invitations. They pin links with pictures to keep similar  information together. You can browse pins, boards, or pinners (users) to try to find inspiration for your own event. Create a board so you can keep all your event information in one place.

No matter what you choose to use, social media can easily become a rabbit hole where we lose track of time. I like to set a timer if I’m looking for specific information with a goal in mind. Be smart about search terms, try many out, and keep your information organised. Social media can be a fun and easy way to take your brainstorming to the next level.

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